The II International Congress "Crime, Justice and Society" will take place at the University Fernando Pessoa, Oporto. 

This event is organized by the University Fernando Pessoa and Instituto CRIAP, and it aims to present various subjects in the field of Forensic Psychology, Criminology, Victimology, Sociology and other Social Sciences.

During this congress the debate will be focused in themes related to violence, criminal actions and victims of crime. It will specifically be brought to the table the discussion about criminal investigation, the justice system, the offender and his/her rights, social inclusion/integration of the criminal offender, victim’s protection and scientific research regarding these matters.

The program includes conferences, oral communications, poster sessions and two book presentations. One of these books includes texts about what was discussed in the I International Congress "Crime, Justice and Society", in 2012.

The attendees of this congress will be students and professionals of Criminal, Behavioral and Social Sciences.

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